Zhengzhou food which is not safety net

cold winter is coming, it’s a good season for everyone to eat hotpot and beef hotpot, but the food safety problem is worrying! In December 12th, reporters from the provincial food and drug administration was informed that in the recently organized special sampling work, total sampling of edible agricultural products including meat and by-products, aquatic products, vegetables and fruits, a total of 883 batches, the initial inspection of qualified 866 batches of samples, 17 batches of unqualified samples, not knong products for aquatic products and the cattle and sheep meat.

– unqualified products

1. Henan Wanbang International Agricultural Logistics Park prairie beef and mutton (Comprehensive District 1 building A District No. 06 North) sales of 1 batches of mutton; Wanbang yudeshui win-win Direct Selling Company Zhao Junhui (live B1 seafood fresh trading District No. 1-6 yudeshui seafood) sales of 1 batches of stone crab and crab; long Zhoushan seafood Zhiyingdian (Li Renhong) (frozen zone D2 District No. 3) sales of 1 batches of crab.

2. Zhengzhou letter seafood wholesale market, Wei Wei seafood sales of 1 batches of crabs.

Tongxu County Xinfeng Trade Co.,

3. sales of 1 batches of new raw beef and lamb.

4. City convenience chain Co. Ltd. Sanmao Tongxu store sales of 1 batches of celery.

5. opened ruentex commercial limited sales of 1 batches of perch.

The old city of Luoyang city

6. qingongmei fresh beef and mutton barbecue wholesale sales of 1 batches of lamb meat.

Peace and Chanhe District of Luoyang city

7. miscellaneous confluence wholesale and retail sales of 1 batches of sheep leg; two barbecue beef and mutton wholesale and retail book sales of 1 batches of sheep and sheep hind legs.

8. Henan Huarun vanguard Supermarket Co. Ltd. Sanmenxia branch sales of 1 batches of snakehead.

9. City, Zhumadian, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, the sale of mutton sales mutton 1 batches of mutton.

10. City, Jiyuan, South Street, water economy market 531 aquatic products sales of the 1 batch of fish in Qingjiang.

the vast number of consumers in the life of draft products and beef and mutton, we must strengthen the sense of product testing, once found to have the same words, to the timely use of legal weapons to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests! It is understood that the provincial food and drug administration has started to verify the disposal, requiring local food and drug administration departments, immediately under the shelf of the batch of products and be investigated. The majority of consumers, such as the discovery of the batch of products, you can call 12331 to report.

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