Look at what location skills Jiangquan road net

joined in many Korean restaurant projects, there are many well-known brands of Korean food items, which belongs to the distinctive features of Korean restaurant jiangquan. After the franchise headquarters Jiangquan road after years of operating experience, summed up the final, because business is the Korean food items, so the store location of road stores Jiangquan days after the operation has a pivotal position, in relation to whether they can quickly obtain actual profits, so a good location is half of success, it directly determines the business confidence and success. So, how to effectively choose the shop golden treasure it? We have summed up the experience of the four years of good policy".

, open up more channels for shops. Shops market has a 2:8 rule, that is, the public rental information shops accounted for only 20% of the total, while the private transfer of covert transactions accounted for about $80%. This is because the shop is operating, afraid of the transfer of information before the transfer of the transfer of information, affecting consumer confidence, thereby affecting business. So, looking for the shop to join Jiangquan road open channels, multi pronged approach, whether or not transfer or express shutting down the pavement, must all be asked.

two, passenger flow is money flow". Jiangquan stores location must pay attention to the flow of people around (and the traffic is stopped to buy things, rather than passing), with the matching buy atmosphere (such as class, the same or related products), traffic conditions and the surrounding residents and units of the situation. To operate the business of the shop, the "passenger" is "money flow", do not be afraid of competition, fear of high rent shops and selected in remote areas.

three, the site should be forward-looking. Not all of the "golden city" must make money, sometimes encountered in municipal planning changes, busy location and could become the deserted land. Therefore, road shops in the Jiangquan site to look ahead, to learn more about the future development of the region.

four, pay attention to the rental price. Different geographical conditions, traffic conditions, the store structure of the building, there will be a lot of rent, sometimes even more than ten times. On the road of stores Jiangquan operators, can not only see the surface of the price, and should consider the rent price problem.

According to the

franchise headquarters introduction Jiangquan Road, shops must choose should focus on the quality and quantity of the regional economy, income levels, purchasing power and their quality shops, rather than blindly emphasizes cheap, normally bustling commercial district with a wide range of flow quantity, the inevitable high turnover, population high density of large and medium-sized residential demand, but the school also is very stable and can also ensure the stability of road Jiangquan stores.

hope for the road Jiangquan shop location can bring some help to the restaurant investors shop "

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