Evaluation of a venture capital investors generally from four aspects

Internet business has become a trend, many Internet entrepreneurs will encounter financing problems. Entrepreneurs want to succeed in financing, investors must first grasp the psychological. Then the general investors are how to evaluate the venture? Mainly from the following four dimensions.

A, team strength

indexThis is the strength of

two, the market size of

the size to be divided into three aspects, one is the stock size, is currently available in the market how much is 10 billion or 100 billion; one is the increment size, ductility, with the change and development of the future will be much; there is a change from small to large speed and style is what. Insiders often talk about the "outlet", that is the market itself, and is a huge incremental market growth, entrepreneurial projects choose a big market space to imagine more natural, it expounds what is understood.

three, the frequency of

High and low is also a reference dimension

four, the severity of


mode weight refers to a project, it has taken the degree of mode need to invest resources. The number of O2O than pure Internet, such as Taobao and Jingdong have great significance, is the electronic commerce, warehousing, logistics Jingdong will only do so light, Taobao platform. What kind of model is good, to implement the specific products, generally speaking, heavy investment in the project, copy slow, light investment in the project, copy fast. But this does not mean that the light is better, but also how to give to the user a good user experience, and light and heavy is a dynamic process, and some products are the first light after, so you will see the specific degree of entrepreneurial strategy is what.

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