Entrepreneurs do not rush to invest in the nternet

what areas of venture capital, entrepreneurs will consider each issue. Now this era, the most popular when the number of Internet industry. However, there are people in the industry suggested that the new start-up companies do not just stare at the Internet field, you can try more industries, to avoid paying out of proportion with the harvest.

to say "the Internet business"? In December 30th, the Hubei Yangtze River economic belt industry fund launch site, ChinaEquity Capital Group founder and chairman Wang Chaoyong, accept the Metropolis Daily reporter interview said, "don’t just stare at the field of Internet business."

the Internet without massive funds can’t play

wangchaochong in view, the Internet industry after nearly 20 years of development, is no longer blue, but a piece of the Red Sea, full of bloody cruel competition, has become a conventional industry, "no vast amounts of money are not."

what project is a good project


O2O project in Waterloo are frequently encountered, entrepreneurs will be attributed to the country’s overall downtown pressure on the economy, capital into the winter. Wang Chaoyong does not agree with the "winter" argument. He believes that cold, hot is relatively good in the eyes of the venture capital project has always been a chance.

he followed President Xi’s visit to the UK this year, signed a large single new energy vehicles.

students do not use parents’ money

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