At the beginning of the good fine cigarette sales skills what

do a good job in sales, often need to pay attention to skills. Even if the market is selling products, want to create higher sales, you need to attach great importance to skills, not to mention the fine cigarette. As the new darling of the market, the gradual development of tobacco from differentiation to mainstream. In order to further expand the fine cigarette sales, the Nanjing market at the beginning of the occasion of the end of the introduction of a variety of fine brand series. New thin smoke get together to market, retail customers should be how to grasp the current sales season, do fine cigarette sales under the cabinet, the author will be the area of outstanding cases were sorted out, as follows:

counter display, highlighting the characteristics of the brand. At the beginning of the season is cigarette consumption, cigarette consumption market demand is huge, a large number of OTC market mainstream brand exhibition. The fine cigarette packaging compact, low sense of visual presence, and other traditional cigarettes with the display, easy to be submerged, ignored, not conducive to brand sales, and therefore can be carried out a series of fine branch of a separate counter display.

currently has a small new market with Septwolves (edge), Huang Jinye (Aishang), Yellow Crane Tower (world famous building), clouds (mysterious garden), Nanjing (Yu Huashi), esse and other brands, these brands in a package can be a combination of large area display counters, counter display more brand characteristics to highlight the fine cigarette "fine more meticulous", through the visual impact, improve consumer buying enthusiasm.

independent promotions, driving consumer sentiment. Fine branch as a new market, consumer groups have yet to be excavated. Therefore, retail customers can carry out independent promotions for the store’s fine cigarettes, improve consumer enthusiasm for the purchase. Activities can use an empty cigarette pack for a lighter way, this way can not only improve the fine cigarette consumption of popular shops, but also improve the fine cigarette repurchase rate, in order to further expand the store fine cigarette consumption group.

independent product suction, changing consumer habits. As a new type of cigarette, the cigarette needs to be used in the traditional cigarette market. Therefore, in the beginning of the occasion, the city returned to their hometown, will bring a lot of traffic, retail customers can actively carry out the fine cigarette taste independent activities, enhance the brand visibility through market activities. At the same time, retail customers can also be used as cigarette smoke fine during the festival of entertainment, two pronged, set an example, change the traditional market consumption habits, cultivate fine cigarette consumption consciousness, to improve the management ability of fine cigarette shop.

as a new product of cigarette market, after the fine cigarette market has gained a very high evaluation, however, this is a new product, the cigarette market therefore, if you want to do a good job in sales, nature also need managers can master more skills. So, with the introduction of the above small series, if you are a manager, you know how to do it?

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