Cooked food to join the brand selection of taste

Before joining the project

cooked in small series to recommend the flavor of Zhi Ya cooked, the collection of information channels but many investors on the limited franchise brand is still poorly understood, so small for everyone to do a more detailed introduction as follows.

Wei Zhi Ya founded in October 2008, headquartered in Shanghai, mainly engaged in the production of cooked meat, stewed bean products; aquatic products, sales of pre packaged food contains (refrigerated) bulk food (including food, cooked lo).

company production of "Zhi Ya taste" series of products is a professional enterprise specializing in the production and sale of domestic duck products currently in operation for many years, "Wei Zhi Ya" always follow the "follow the consumption choice of product types, to ensure product quality stable" product concept, with "service, innovation, fine and efficient" as the operating principle, establish a set of scientific and standardized independent research and development, production, logistics and service complete operation system. Strong support from all walks of life, "Zhi Zhi Ya" brand products have been well received by the majority of consumers, and won wide acclaim from all sectors of the community.

taste Zhi Ya cooked food advantage:

with people’s living standard continues to improve, the increasingly rapid pace of life, work pressure increases, the cost of living is also relatively more and more high, busy cooking time and cost is relatively high, so that our high-end convenient and inexpensive table kind more and more loved by consumers, has broad market prospects.

our company R & D, production, sales, operations, management, logistics as one of the advanced business model for the advantage of providing high security cooperation operation mechanism for the franchisee, we believe that many of the existing non formal operation mode of the deli, in today’s intensive business market brand has been unable to get more fixed customers the less turnover is doing business more difficult, less and less profit, the cost is more and more high, these problems in front of our operator is tricky.

there is a lot of work friends, your cost of living more and more high, the existing wage is not well enough to improve your quality of life, all the time you are in possession of your work, personal freedom and the cost of living pressure, that is your entrepreneurship shop to get rid of all kinds of pressure first, we join Zhi Ya food taste less investment, quick return, stable operation, convenient operation.

if you would like to know more about the taste of this cooked food to join the brand related presentations, please give us a message at the bottom of our website, we will contact you when we see the message.

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