Business need to be failure to the whole

Although everyone wants to be able to achieve greater success

, however, in the course of the development of entrepreneurship, failure is inevitable. If they fail because of their own business, even if they are depressed, such a person is no longer suitable for entrepreneurship. In short, if you decide to start a business, you need to have a plan for failure.

1. do you really need to start a business, whether it is ready to start a business!

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business into the sea, light scars, or their relatives Former friends become enemies with each other! Want to start a business, we must do a good job of any preparation, the mentality is absolutely to be considered, the entrepreneurial process is a very difficult process, can be successful is definitely only a few, and the fate of more people are miserable! At some point, it is often like gambling, and the society is rarely successful with a good project or a good talent!

you should always remember that you are not so lucky! In the business on the road, must withstand the pain, but often these pain is really a very few people can go beyond the past, if you quit, you will be very unwilling, continue, you will want a crazy gambler to lose, the more you want to go to the wall, so we must think clearly and whether I really need to start! Once you choose, you can not turn back! Avoid!

2. how do you spend your money, if you can manage their own funds!

in the face of venture capital, please must control, always remember this money, what use, each take out a pen, we cannot obtain the business of money, is the business of money, do not go to your loan arrears, etc.! Otherwise, sooner or later you will find that you can not control the money, in the end, the venture did not go far, the funds have dried up! In the face of the reality of their own really can not control funds, must find a person management, don’t try to let oneself also funds management! Make a budget once a month and get a fund!


3. really choose the right project?

money on the venture itself, does not play any catalytic role! If the venture is good, development should go with the flow of things, money just to change the environment, does not bring the development conditions of the project itself, with funds paving a path of rapid development, this is the end, absolutely not up development! Set a realistic goal for yourself, and if you can’t do that in three months, stop thinking about it! This is definitely a problem!

4. leave a retreat for yourself, don’t say you must succeed!

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