The retail business can not make price war

now has a lot of shops in order to make money and vicious competition, the price of goods is constantly reduced, such business consequences is that even if the store has a guest and how? Still lose money. Therefore, the operation of retail stores, do not fight price war.

Xu Jianming’s retail stores in the main road, opposite a residential area, residents to wage based, Xu boss is the largest customer base. Previously, the store monthly sales of cigarettes in 250 or so, the average retail price of $80 / article, cigarette sales structure of medium. But since the second half of last year, Xu boss around a few meters away from the Department opened a liquor store.

in order to attract customers, the two shops in a lot of goods on the very good advertising, cigarettes do not rule, the sale price. Residential residents gathered in the two new instant. Xu boss anxious to see, so he also played a more favorable advertising, including cigarettes. Sales of all kinds of goods, although not reduced, and profits have dropped a lot. Xu boss depressed but also unable to do anything, overwhelmed.

Account Manager: Zhou Honghua

weapon: standardized operation, do not fight price war

Xu boss for the sale of cigarettes, I think it is very wrong. The price war will not only bring huge losses to their business, will disrupt the normal market order of cigarette sales, is a "lose lose" the wrong move. Specification is the first condition to attract customers. In the vicinity of the opening of the new store, I think the boss Xu to take the following three initiatives.

must first adhere to the price tag. This is not to do business without having to worry about it. Xu boss at the local shop there for several years, I understand that reputation has been good, although the opening of new stores will affect its sales in a short time, but the business is a long-term thing, adhere to standardized management, to establish credibility, assured the store image in the minds of customers.

followed not to follow the trend of price war. Although the business is to make money, but the price war is just a matter of quick success and instant benefit, there is no harm to long-term business. In order to compete with each other to reduce the price of the means to attract customers, not only hurt and hurt. Moreover, cigarettes as a special commodity, adhere to the price tag, in order to eliminate false private non smoke, the establishment of a good market atmosphere.

in addition to strengthening the work of the service, with attentive and thoughtful service to win the favor of customers. Engage in promotions can be, but only for cigarettes other than cigarettes, cigarettes can not be promoted. Other products to engage in promotional activities and manufacturers can work together to provide their own venues, personnel, manufacturers invested, so that both to ensure the popularity, but also to avoid losses, is a win-win thing. < >

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