Special people we need to have a special service

shop to do business, really is what customers are easy to meet, as the owner, if it is an ordinary customer, the general approach can be, but if it is some special people, you need a special service, so as to obtain customer approval, and then to return to the business of the shop. Help the development of.

as the owner of a retail store, in daily business, all kinds of customers we have encountered, treat different customers, it is necessary to use different ways of reception, in addition to smile, hospitality, and more important, is to know about the hearts of customers, understand what they want to buy the commodity; so that we can better serve the deaf, disabled, disabled customer service is good.

a few years ago, I had encountered such a disabled customers, he sat with a modified electric tricycle, right hand, right leg is deformed, not walk, do not speak, only the left hand and left leg free.

his car for the first time I stopped at the door, he also used flexible left hand gestures, straight out only a finger, and then take a bottle of drink is a gesture; the first time I saw this and don’t go, don’t speak of the customer, his manner of expression I did not understand.

took a bottle of drink to him, he always smiled and shook his head, then take a bottle of beer to him, or smiled and shook his head; then a bottle of pure water to him, for this, he grinned and nodded, take out to him, he motioned me to open the bottle cover again and gave him on his side of the electric vehicle; see him this, he decided to give not the money, but he would not, with his left hand is also flexible from pocket money Laisai to me.

, the second time he again, I understand he gave me the gesture, or just out of the left index finger (meaning a bottle), then put the forefinger up into nine words (this is, I smiled to beer) to help him open the beer cover quickly, then cover it that plug into a corner of the car beside him……

if a shop owner is not willing to provide services because of the special crowd, I am afraid that the loss is not only a special crowd. In short, special crowd, special care, although they can not speak, can not say to the expression of normal people "thank you" two word, but from his lovely smile, I turned to his left thumb movements, you can read them to you express gratitude; special expression them this way, sometimes more let the owner feel at ease with you!!!

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