Business needs to be taken seriously

shop to do business, although we are directed at the profits and hard work, but if it is a very small, and even there is no profit business, I am afraid that many bosses do not want to do. In fact, most of the time, it is because of such a small business, often let the store lost a big profit. So, business is small, we need to take seriously.

"boss, do you have 10 yuan to recharge?" As I was busy checking out a lot of other customers, I turned my head and looked up, and saw a young looking face with a new look at the supermarket door. "Well, that’s all, but wait a minute." Without thinking, I hastened to dispel the doubts of the customer.

"this is the 10 yuan fee, the 32 yuan you give me a box of Nanjing (Xuan Herman) and a box of Taishan (happy) fine." What, it is necessary to charge 10 yuan bill and to $32 cigarettes?" I asked, puzzled. "Yes, because this time I only need to charge 10 yuan bill, and the cigarette is required to meet the consumption of lunch in the box of two." A question and answer, the more special marketing spending quickly slip past.

Zhang boss, business – oh!" I looked up and down the shelf is finishing a bit familiar voice to the young customers saw three days to charge 10 yuan bill to lead a dozen costume, or almost young or old customers walk in, grinning. "This is not the end of the month, home of the old card charge 10 dollars will be the end of the historical mission, you gave me to do a new card!" Login, customer selection, real name registration, a smooth operation down, the young man surnamed Li thumbs up praise: "not only the sale of the size of a boss seriously, but also very skilled business, dear brothers, what you need is here. The consumer."

"well, give me the card, I charge 100 yuan bill, give me a home Double Happiness smoke, give me a local Taishan (Grand)……" Do card, recharge, pick daily necessities, take cigarettes, more than a dozen people, nearly half an hour after the joy of busy consumption, only a cigarette on the turnover of more than 800 yuan. Grateful I stood up, he opened a box of Taishan (Yan Yue) to the dozen customers one by one and randomly dispersed, giving them a commemorative unique brand lighter I timeout.

"Sister Zhang, you don’t need to be so polite, I and my brothers decoration can come to you from the consumer, is three days ago you took 10 yuan bill, don’t think I am a little face, still in the normal consumer enthusiasm, to take seriously the service concept, to know now some points on the level of the supermarket clearly written recharge, but less than 50 yuan, they ignore the field."

"10 yuan charge"

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