College students to apply for full understanding of entrepreneurial loans

college students venture loans, banks and other financial institutions to college students (college students, undergraduate students, graduate students, doctoral students, etc.) issued unsecured unsecured credit loans to college students.

application conditions

1, graduating college students, as well as college graduates within two years of

2, college degree or above

3, 18 years of age

application data

1, identification

2, students need to provide student ID card, school transcript

3, graduate students have to provide graduation certificate, degree certificate

4, commonly used passbook or bank card reconciliation list over the past 6 months

5, the applicant’s personal or family income and property status, such as repayment ability certificate

6, applicant and spouse identification (including identity card, residence booklet or other valid residence permit) and marital status certificate

7, the right to dispose of the people agree to the (quality) of the proof, the bank approved by the assessment department issued by the (quality) valuation of the collateral reported

8, the applicant’s business license and the relevant business license, the use of the loan agreement, contract or other information

application process

publicity. After the review of the commercial loan discount object and the amount of interest paid by the Personnel Bureau and the applicant unit or community publicity, publicity period of 5 working days

approved. After publicity without objection by the Personnel Bureau issued a notice of approval

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