Guangzhou day exchange entrepreneurship competition finals will be staged

last year, the country held a number of different levels of entrepreneurship contest, for the majority of entrepreneurs to provide a stage for the show. Guangzhou Tianying Department of entrepreneurship competition will decide the final ten today, the ten entrepreneurial projects will be 6 selected in the championship final.

started since September this year, the Yangcheng Creative Industrial Park held a "day exchange" innovation and entrepreneurship competition in Southern China region has become the concern of business competition. After two months of the 22 layers of selection, the final project finalists will decide the top ten places in the finals tomorrow, and the final match in the 6 staged PK. By then, entrepreneurs from all over the country rookie, venture capital sector big coffee, Guangdong’s major industrial parks, incubators, public space and other representatives will be gathered together to share the dry business, witness the birth of the tournament champion. 4 days, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter went to the Yangcheng Creative Industry Park ahead of barracks, contest preparatory work has been carried out like a raging fire.

Tianhe investment over 600 million next year the "double support"

"mic sink" innovation contest is a contest of financing innovative growth companies by the Guangzhou municipal government of Tianhe District, Guangzhou Branch Joint Committee of national innovation incubator for entrepreneurs will be the dark horse, the Yangcheng Evening News Group, jointly organized by the China Merchants bureau. In the event, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter saw, as one of the sponsors of the contest of the Tianhe District government is preparing the site park activities, set up a piece of board, introduced in Tianhe District in recent years to promote the achievements management ".

as "national culture industry demonstration base", the transformation of the old plant by Yangcheng Evening News Group, a large number of design companies, arts and cultural institutions to enter the park, will become a focus on construction, culture, science and technology and other high-end animation, creative enterprise culture industry base development of Yangcheng creative industry park. The Yangcheng Evening News Group to the government of Tianhe District, the horse will be held "Tianying exchange" contest, to service rooted in Guangzhou local entrepreneurs.

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