Children’s paradise business needs to pay attention to what issues

believe that we have seen the children’s market hot business opportunities, want to open a children’s paradise, the need to pay attention to many problems. Many friends are asking, what needs to pay attention to children’s paradise business? Open children’s paradise to make money? What are the purchase of recreational equipment to pay attention to? Today Xiaobian for you to answer one by one.

two to supervise the installation process. Often found in the inspection process, manufacturing (installation) unit in the manufacturing process (installation), probably because of the machining error and other reasons, add filler material, causes the stress concentration or the welding strength is not enough, the hidden trouble. The main connection part (the big arm, the track and the safety pressure bar and so on) are mostly welded on the spot, but the welding quality is difficult to guarantee. An important part of   (spindle, sliding type rotating crankshaft, horse racing, steering shaft etc.) in the on-site installation, may use different types of steel welded wire (bar) or the brand choice is improper, cause the cracks and other defects in the process of using. The welding position is hidden and not easy to assemble and disassemble, the welding process is difficult to achieve, and the welding quality can not be guaranteed.

of the above defects may occur, to early intervention in the inspection process, inspection of the construction unit of the construction process of implementation in accordance with the provisions, the dismantling should be overhauled, validation requirements to verify, prevent undetected flaws. Once again to urge the relevant units to implement the main responsibility, good acceptance inspection and registration.

for safety supervision and management to further improve the amusement equipment, combined with I put forward the following suggestions:

1. to improve the entertainment equipment manufacturing, installation unit access threshold, strict review and control, through the implementation of the manufacturing license system to control the size and quantity of enterprises to maintain normal production order

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