2016 food and beverage industry development should be clear to invest

is now catering market has great development space, with many current brand competition, people to choose food and beverage brands also have more understanding, let’s see, when the development of the 2016 food and beverage industry, to see to the content of the investment.

in 2015 the rest of the time and the upcoming 2016, how the catering business model will be more and more fire? What kind of restaurant can make money? How to reduce costs to raise revenue? See this article.

A, single store will continue to 10493

(3) copy the dishes more convenient. Most of the products are only a single product. In order to achieve the standardization of cooking, a lot of key cooking steps, such as seasoning, pickling are unified in the processing center, so the latter cooking becomes very simple, easy to copy dishes.

two, leisure catering development space

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