Discipline inspection newspaper Party members and cadres banned open shop

in accordance with the relevant provisions of China’s party members and cadres ban open shop. For this issue, China’s discipline inspection and supervision of the newspaper specifically to answer questions and answers. Confirm the party and government officials and civil servants to open Taobao shop is a disciplinary act.

1 25, China newspaper published an inspection quiz, quiz pointed out that party members and cadres opened Taobao shops belonging to engage in or participate in profit-making activities, is a disciplinary offense, a serious warning light plot, the plot will be expelled from the party.

expelled from the party

A: "disciplinary action regulations" provisions of article eighty-eighth, "in violation of the relevant provisions in the profit-making activities, one of the following acts, if the circumstances are relatively minor, given a warning or serious warning; if the circumstances are serious, shall be removed from party posts or probation; if the circumstances are serious, expelled from the party, side by side the" business enterprise "and other 6 kinds of specific disciplinary cases. Eighty-eighth in the "relevant provisions" including "on further suppression of the party and government organs and cadres business, business regulations" and "on the party and government organs and cadres of the party and government organs set up economic entities engaged in business activities of the notice" etc..

these Provisions shall not be subject to do business, do business, mainly refers to the party and government cadres. In fact, the civil service, the civil service law also has a similar clearly defined: civil servants shall not engage in or participate in profit-making activities".

7 1 July, Guangdong city of Huizhou Province issued a "standard" network behavior of Party members and cadres in Huizhou City, this specification to fill the regulatory gaps on the network, the management of Party members and cadres from the reality of the extension to the network virtual world, achieve full supervision of Party members and cadres.

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