Guangzhou four Yecheng cosmetics cosmetics how Heaven

Guangzhou four Yecheng cosmetics? The best choice of goddess. In fact, as long as the choice of consumers by the brand, is a very wise choice. Guangzhou four Yecheng cosmetics project, the first step in the successful business!

Guangzhou four Yecheng cosmetics, a so many women yearning, a SaSa in Hongkong, Watsons, Sephora and Wanning international cosmetics franchise development direction, a Gialen and other local cosmetics stores famous cosmetics chain stores, from the date of birth on their unique and superior people personality.

Guangzhou four Yecheng four Yecheng brand cosmetics convey to spread more happiness and beauty, will go on the market in the market, ethics group leader, set off a new round of personal care products are revolutionary confidence and determination. Four Yecheng store has dozens of domestic and foreign brands, more than 1 thousand single products, skin care, washing, perfume, cosmetics, beauty tools everything. Currently in the country has nearly 500 stores.

Guangzhou four Yecheng cosmetics personal fashion care products brand, by the Hongkong Yan Chain Group Co., Ltd. launched. Hongkong Yan’s Chain Group Limited on the one hand through the introduction of international advanced development concepts and technology in production and management; on the other hand China rooted in the cosmetics industry, backed by the United States Bo, Xingfa square, Yifa square three global cosmetics procurement center, integration of forces by years of industry experience and Industry resources; according to the development of the times the pace of adaptation to the development needs of social life, and make unremitting efforts to meet the consumer’s health and beauty of the two eternal theme of the pursuit, creatively launched a brand shop in the entire output of stores — four Yecheng fashion personal care stores.

to join the Guangzhou four Yecheng cosmetics project, shop on the choice of fire. Small business venture, the first step in the success of entrepreneurship, to choose to join the Guangzhou four Yecheng cosmetics? Beautiful appearance of the best choice, you are still hesitant what? Come and leave a message!

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