Good customer service can start from what

although many shopkeepers know their shops in the daily operation of the process needs to serve good customers, however, how can we serve the customer satisfaction, which has become a lot of shopkeepers are very annoying thing. And I shop has been more than ten years, more than a decade, I shop business has been in a state of prosperity, especially the cigarette I shop, has become a sign of my shop, sales performance has been among the best. In fact, my shop is not in the busy streets, the surrounding consumer groups are rural and residential residents.

business for so many years, I don’t sell cigarettes, especially new cigarette, customer manager requires OTC, each order in the first time, when I have made several new products, became the best-selling brand, and some customers set several became unsalable cigarette shop. Every time to go to tobacco meeting, will be praised by the leadership of tobacco companies, for 5 consecutive years was named excellent cigarette customers. There have been a lot of peers deliberately went to my shop to learn from me, ask me what is the way to retain customers and eventually become your hardcore consumers.

I just smiled and replied, my business know-how is very simple is to serve my customers, for how good service is also a university asked, remember the saying goes, layman to see the door, experts see tips." So how to serve the customer well, how to let customers love your shop. I would like to share these experiences with you, I hope you can get inspiration, but to illustrate that this is my personal thoughts and views.

customers into the store, enthusiastic service

no matter where you go or meet with strangers, is a resurrection, two who, the three became old friends. Then I shop the purpose is, whether you are a stranger or visitor, I when you are my friend, never judge by appearances, not the size of the customer, with a sincere heart, treat all the customer into the store.

remember a northeast customer, one family to work here, especially the old lady was more than and 50 years old, working in a factory, wages are not high, earn hundreds of dollars a month, in addition to rent, life is very thrifty, every time I go to the store never buy expensive, is to buy some cheap the goods. To punch a call is also up to 20 yuan. She has visited several stores, are those with strange eyes to look at the boss, even when busy, they do not directly answer her boss. This makes her more self abased.

because she is a stranger, everyone looks down on her. But she came to my shop several times, my attitude is very mild, when not busy with her I would say, talk about family, I will be home to do things for her, she is very grateful. No matter what she bought no where to go, only that I shop here work for nearly ten years, her children also marry and settle down, one family life supplies or volume >

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