Some of the skills in the clothing business

everyone needs to wear clothes, clothing replacement speed is also faster, operating clothing business highlights the infinite business opportunities. China as the largest garment production base, the entire garment industry has shown a good development trend. For some retailers, how to do better business?

ITAT (international brand clothing Club), founded in 2004, currently, ITAT group has 30 provinces, 317 city country has opened more than and 600 international brand clothing stores, more than and 100 department store membership club. Its expansion rate can be said to be very fast, in the final analysis is still the characteristics of its chain model.

ITAT chain model is characterized by the alliance of Chinese clothing (stock market it) manufacturers, commercial real estate owners, the formation of the clothing manufacturer + commercial real estate +ITAT group, the alliance. To achieve a zero payment, zero field rent, zero payment refers to the upstream ITAT to sell more than and 700 suppliers, inventory pressure and logistics distribution are borne by the supplier. "Zero rent" refers to the ITAT to 15% of the monthly sales of the floating field rent, and the settlement of each mall, rather than prior to the signing of a lease contract. The novelty of this model through the chain, ITAT attracted enough venture capital and on the downstream, it can be said that this chain model is novel, but ITAT may overlook another important issue in the rapidly expanding, that is the single store profit chain stores.

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