How to let the early stage of the business card is known as a small package

we will encounter a lot of problems in the early stages of entrepreneurship, the most pressing problem may be to let consumers know your brand. So, how can we make our own brand name? For any entrepreneur, first of all need to think about two questions: first, how to let consumers buy for the first time; the two is how to make consumers become loyal fans".

operators in most of the products when selling their products, as soon as possible in order to attract the attention of consumers and choose various marketing means a superb collection of beautiful things, such as shocking advertisement, coax sales technique, banzhebanyan product efficacy and so on, and ultimately the formation of "good, embarrassment of class". As everyone knows, they have ignored the "give consumers a reason to refuse to buy" thinking.

A, who used to

if you can in the "who to use" the introduction of their products in accordance with the above ideas, then the new product you have earned at least 50% chance of success, quick trial and error, no deviation.

two, why use

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