Open the restaurant must know these four points

what is the existence of certain skills, whether it is a shop or venture capital. Today small restaurants are open to speak generally need to know what business skills.

small catering market there are many business opportunities, not to mention a trade is a subject, then, the initial contact with the food and beverage industry "layman" how to become an expert? Put forward the following four suggestions:

senior adviser to Mr. Li

accurate positioning is the prerequisite

food and beverage industry is one of the most competitive industries, entrepreneurs should grasp the principle of dislocation competition, to seek operating characteristics. First of all, it is necessary to identify the service object, and according to the characteristics of the consumption habits, tastes, preferences and other characteristics, targeted to design a variety of food, dining environment layout, thereby establishing operating characteristics. In addition, the market positioning should be dynamic, according to market changes in a timely manner to adjust, continue to introduce new models, new varieties, new services, new features.

correct location is the key

site selection plays a special role in restaurant business. The size of the store, the location, the way and the cost of the direct impact on the target market, promotion strategy, commodity composition, etc.. Generally speaking, restaurants should be selected in the shopping center, downtown, business office area, large residential consumption concentration area, and the bus station, subway station and the subway is also a good choice.

smart marketing is the element

catering business needs a very good marketing art, the best idea into a gimmick, as far as possible, no one I have, I have refined". From this year the catering market situation, entrepreneurs should pay more attention to the characteristics of small restaurants, casual dining and snacks, which features small catering business, especially the "soil" food and local snacks, often a dish or a local snack soil can do a shop fire.

service is helpful

the customer is always God, especially some old customers, they can bring a good market reputation, and have a "snowball effect", the restaurant business bigger and bigger. Therefore, to provide customers with quality services, such as the provision of takeout and booking services, extended business hours, etc., can attract some old customers.

as the saying goes, "hunger breeds discontentment", the catering industry has always been a hot field of entrepreneurship. The Clay oven rolls "," Bobby Steamed Buns "brand success, more people believe in the restaurant industry," spring "," Merrill Lynch Pavilion "this hotel can make money, shop, tea shop Clay oven rolls like a small restaurant also Unlimited Business Opportunities.

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