Mid Autumn Festival will teach you clever marketing to seize the customer

now, Mid Autumn Festival approaching, many businesses want to do some marketing activities through this festival, so that customers have a better sense of belonging to their own brand. So, how businesses in the Mid Autumn Festival, how to seize the hearts of customers? The following is recommended for the 5 strokes.

1, greeting SMS

2, a gift of truth in

3, the heart has a customer

and customer relations of cooperation based on the most important point is that the shared interests, common development. Only a lot of standing in the perspective of customer development for them to analyze the situation, to solve the problem, the customer will have the confidence to have long-term cooperation, even if there is a problem, but also to actively communicate. This will allow customers to keep their own understanding, the formation of a unified front of the interests of the United front.

4, the opportunity to hold some activities to invite customers to participate in

Have their own customers Association

5, details win


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