The marketing product of toilet advertisement in the new era

in our traditional marketing concept, how can not the toilet as a place for their own advertising. However, in the new era, the toilet advertising began to become more and more popular, becoming the choice of more businesses, so that the toilet has become an important place for advertising.

"Audi TT amazing" brand on the top of the urinal, for the convenience of the head is exactly where. In the bathroom next to the pool, there is a similar brand, the above is a taxi company’s advertising, it is also in the women’s room inlaid with the diamond diamond advertising.

a lot of guests will conveniently look at the way, there are special people run to see whether these advertising signs are solid and intact." Engage in health, said the aunt, these advertising signs installed up to two months, almost every week there is a young man to come here to understand the situation, specifically to find out whether there is someone who checks or comments. This young man is responsible for people Fonda design, production and dissemination of these ads host Hangzhou Dresdner advertising limited.

in the global financial crisis triggered by the subprime mortgage crisis, many companies have weakened the amount of advertising, advertising companies have fallen into a passive situation of declining business volume.

it is understood that the release of Audi advertising is a Audi 4S shop – Zhejiang Lihua Automobile Sales Co., ltd.. The company’s marketing department manager Yang said, similar advertising, in addition to the coffee shop in the Restroom release, also some business clubs, shops, restaurants and other leisure more high-end consumer sites in the Restroom simultaneous release, all of these are the principal fonda.

these places of the toilet in the environment, facilities and other aspects are good, we made a survey in advance, found in these places, the consumption of customers and Audi’s target customer base is a certain overlap." Yang said, for such forms of advertising, several contacts in and after Fonda they make a new attempt.

Yang stressed that the focus of Audi usually or in traditional media such as newspaper and television, to make such a bold attempt for two reasons, one is its own brand, to search for new forms of propaganda; another reason is that investment Restroom advertising cost is small, the risk is relatively small try.

spoke with Fonda cooperation, Mr. Shi Hangzhou Hengrui Jewelry Co. Ltd. general manager said, Restroom advertising with other forms of advertising are not "gender" advantage, the main consumer groups of diamonds are women, this time the advertising of the three products, in addition to the couple on the ring of minority advertising in men’s restroom besides, diamond rings and pendants advertising basically are placed in MS Restroom inside.

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