Kentucky Fried Chicken site selection techniques

is now the delicacy on the market, no one knows the delicacy brand number of our KFC, KFC is a business brand like? It has what kind of site selection skills?

1. division shopping district


the district is divided into several categories by scoring, taking Beijing as an example, a municipal business type (Xidan and Wangfujing), the district’s   industry type, fixed point (target) consumption type, and community type, agency, business, tourism and so on type dual-purpose type.

2. select Business District

For example,

and KFC and McDonald’s market positioning similar customer groups basically coincide, so the choice is the same in the district.   you can see that there are some places on the same side of the street, on the other side of McDonald’s on the other side is kfc.

values of maturity and stability is also very important. For example, the Planning Bureau said a road to open, the establishment of the address, in what place   may here become a mature business district in the future, but KFC must wait until the mature looks stable before entering the store, for example   after three years of benefits will be good, without the help of today, this three years is a loss? KFC into a shop to spend millions of dollars, of course, do not take this risk, it must be relatively stable principles, to ensure the success of a family.

The calculation and selection of

juke point

1. to determine the values, the main gathering point where.

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