What’s the procedure for opening a small restaurant

in general, individual operators need to open a small restaurant before the shop approval, site selection, determine the product, determine the number of personnel, purchase and other necessary steps. Location, such as the determination of personnel often due to different circumstances, in this detail. However, some of the procedures before the approval procedures are very similar, entrepreneurs should pay special attention to.

many people are tired of the current mode of life, want to do a little business, a lot of people are starting from a small restaurant, then what procedures need to do? Some of the best procedures apply in advance, so that the best or pre approval activity and location, decoration at the same time in time, so that it is not in the shop when go astray, wasting money, will also improve your business efficiency. To apply for a restaurant requires pre-approval, that is, before the business sector to get a business license, you must first get health permits and environmental protection department of the sewage permit. Specific steps are as follows:

1, to the jurisdiction of the industrial and commercial registration. Take the ID card and a copy of the original registration name to the local industry and commerce, remember that this is just a name, not to apply for business license. Because in order to obtain business license, must first go to the area of environmental protection departments and health supervision to apply for sewage permits and health permits.

Application for

2 and pollutant discharge permit. Prior to the relevant departments of the District Environmental Protection Bureau, the Department accepted, there will be staff to check the general guidance. In accordance with the existing regulations, the general access to the two conditions of the sewage permit must be: upstairs can not be residential; sewage to be incorporated into municipal sewage pipe. Environmental protection department staff will be on-site inspection according to the size and environment of the business area. So when you decide to rent a store or decorate, it is best to consult the environmental protection department. For example: some shop owners in the shop decoration, smoke or kitchen window just behind the alignment of the household, even if management did not know, the residents will still go to complain, finally often have to spend money on rectification.

3, health permit application. Find the area of health supervision departments to apply for acceptance. The applicant shall fill in the application form for the health permit in two copies, and provide accurate, authentic, legal and valid information. Such as the admissibility of the Department of the applicant to fill out the "health permit application" content and the information provided by the competent supervisor check after registration. The Contractor shall, in accordance with the provisions of the laws, regulations, rules, regulatory documents, health standards and health requirements, examine the materials submitted by the applicant, and make a decision within 3 working days on whether or not to accept the decision. Meet the eligibility criteria and complete information to be accepted and on-site review as required. After the on-site review, in accordance with the provisions of the contractors, supervisors issued "notice" by charging fees, in the "health permit issued registration form" registration, after approval by the supervisor, handle the relevant formalities for "health permit" to the applicant by the Bureau of health.