n 2015 4 private industry exposure

can be said in our life is now everywhere there are a lot of opportunities, at the same time, the number of business the whole society has increased constantly, 2015 is now over half of the rest of the time, what we should do to make money?

2015 twenty 100% Wenzhuan industry exposure!

1, a business

The doctor in a doctor

the doctor for a loss of 4 months, suddenly one day, she put the dental clinic brand down for a piece, called "graceful scaling shop". 2013 what can make money, what a shop is? Billboard said: this shop specifically for the health needs of teeth whitening to provide convenient, as long as you spend 30 dollars, you can enjoy 30 thousand times per second and ultrasonic high pressure water mist on the teeth brushed your teeth, 20 minutes, dirt, stones and plaque will be erased one thousand and two hundred net, you a white smile!

The doctor to have a licence to run

2, gift shop business

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