How to choose the hardware store How good is open How to operate

for any entity shop, the most important first step is the natural location. After all, only to do a good job related to the site, to allow the store to be further development. However, for the current number of entrepreneurs, how the site has become a big problem. So, how to choose the hardware store? How good is open? How to operate?

How to choose

hardware store: community PK building materials market

site is crucial for the hardware store, exaggeration to say, if the location of the hardware store success, the operator can sit in the shop waiting for business!

Tianjin, a hardware store owner, Ms. Ma said, my shop is located in the famous Tianjin building materials wholesale market, it will be the first choice of decoration materials wholesale market to pick the right way to building materials, hardware purchase, it can be said that almost do not have to do publicity, business on the door. There is a net profit of $ten thousand or twenty thousand per month.

reporter survey:

According to our reporter

combined with more peer survey, found basically building materials where there is a hardware store, but business is acceptable, but the biggest problem is the fierce competition, after all, many people are aware of this idea.

Nanjing City, a hardware chain supermarket manager Wang Jinlong introduction, for some of the early investors, the choice is also a good choice in the vicinity of a mature community shop. First of all, the community’s rent is much cheaper than building materials wholesale market district; secondly, who in daily life will inevitably have to replace the hardware, in order to emergency, they choose to go to the wholesale market to buy, but not near, naturally to the store consumption. But this shop has two conditions, one is the number of permanent residents can not be less than 5000 people, and the second is the general choice of shops in the export department, which is more conducive to customer purchase.

reporter survey:

according to the survey, the general community at the entrance of the store a higher survival rate, which is related to people’s living habits, and some high-grade community stores nearby survival more difficult, mainly related to their consumption habits, because they are buying brand products, often broken, the manufacturer will repair, even if there is no repair, they also please some professional maintenance teams do not personally replace options.

according to a hardware store in Wuhan boss Yu Hai said, in fact, is a good choice to open a shop in the University city. Because the University City school, can be said that every day there is demand for replacement of hardware, the school logistics demand as the enterprise, so they are more inclined to buy to nearby stores, and will not find the upstream suppliers, the purpose is to facilitate the.

so open the store near the university town to

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