Sales of second hand mobile phone made his dream of becoming rich

smart phones everywhere now, the price is no longer so high, but in order to protect the environment, make full use of resources, the use of second-hand mobile phone is also a good choice. The entrepreneur has found the opportunity to use the secondary mobile phone market.

2000, a high school student named · Nash (BenNash) dropped out of a boarding school and found a job selling a mobile phone to a wholesaler in Manhattan.

he smiled and added: "I was really arrogant, I want to enter the industry, I got three related jobs."

18 year old Nash and his little friends founded the PCSWireless company, these phones bought down, to be repaired, come up with some creative ways to sell. They sell them to companies that want to buy cheap mobile phones for their employees, and retailers who want to sell them at a discount.

business took off

to 2014, PCSWireless’s sales of $740 million, revenue doubled compared to 2013, sales of more than $1 billion mark this year.

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