Henan Department has issued a red envelope to the enterprise you have no copies

enterprises in the era of the development of the next wave of their own, although remarkable achievements have been made in a series, but sometimes it will inevitably encounter many development problems, but if the local government actively cooperate in a certain degree above the enterprise road to go farther. Henan departments have to send red envelopes, do you have a copy of it? Take a quick look at the details below.

Henan business benefits come! Recently, Henan seven enterprises sector out together, to send welfare enterprises. In August 3rd, in Henan Province, the implementation of the policy to enterprises "mobilization meeting, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the office of science and technology, Department of finance, human resources and Social Security Bureau, the Banking Bureau, tax bureau, the provincial government finance office and other seven departments focus on combing informed enterprises, national and provincial key enterprises benefit policy. In these policies, which are closely related to you?

[provincial development and Reform Commission]

reduce the tax burden, logistics, customs clearance, inspection and other costs, since this year, introduced a series of related policies to support the development of enterprises, including the cost of special operations, to promote large consumers direct supply, financing docking financial services action, to promote private investment policy.

[provincial science and Technology Department]

at the beginning of this year, the state revised the "management measures" of high-tech enterprises, adjust the focus to support the scope of high-tech fields, to relax the conditions of high-tech enterprises, the technology enterprises is a major positive. In addition, the innovation and entrepreneurship incubator platform in Henan, science and technology SMEs have a corresponding subsidy subsidies.

[provincial finance department]

in the development of government procurement policy, with a special reserve of 20% share for small and micro enterprises. In Sheqi funds, there are a number of advanced manufacturing industry special funds, the first major technical equipment insurance subsidies, new energy vehicles subsidy policy.

in support of small and micro enterprises, loan risk compensation funds, compensation compensation funds, small loan grant funds. In support of the modern service industry, export-oriented enterprises, commercial circulation has a corresponding subsidy.

[provincial human resources and social security department]

5 1 from the beginning of the stage to reduce the rate of social insurance in Henan Province, the implementation of unemployment insurance subsidies to stabilize the post; to promote the coal and steel industry to resolve excess capacity, the introduction of a reasonable plan for the resettlement of workers.

[provincial government finance office]

promote the province’s listed companies to participate in the reform of joint-stock enterprises, support for small and micro enterprises listed in the Central Plains equity trading center

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