Let the shop prosperous several principles

each of the investors set up a shop of their own, always hope to business is booming, but it may be that many factors, can not always get what you want, the following small investors to keep shop business is booming introduced several principles!


when necessary, can also be appropriate to extend the Business Hours. But sometimes it may be restricted by space, personnel, skills, capital and other practical factors, therefore, should start from the possible matters, step by step to play the characteristics. For example, it is a good way to focus on the more familiar, more competitive goods, or by the more professional manager personally introduced the door of the customer.

only to store innovation will have a future, or by copying, it will fail. Any shop, only to show their own characteristics in order to create added value, can not continue to increase customer. Operating shop will always encounter difficulties and setbacks, which depends on their own to break through, not to find an excuse for unsalable goods, but also can not take the opportunity to sell easily. You have to come up with the courage and determination to seek opportunities in innovation.

: to grasp the opportunity

as an example to electrical appliances store. Whether to go to the customer home delivery or repair, it completed, don’t go away, the best way to look at his home electric appliances are small problems, do a simple service at the same time, it must be able to improve customer to your feeling. To the customer home to install air conditioning, in the installation process, must show a cordial, careful attitude. At the same time, ask the customer if there is a friend to buy air conditioning, if he has a good impression on you, will introduce you to the business.

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