How to open a food store location

site is very important for entrepreneurship, many entrepreneurs do not choose the same entrepreneurial projects, how to choose the right location? How to open a food store site? A variety of food stores, can be further based on their own nature of the site. Food store management is divided into traditional, standard, large, and convenience food store.

1. traditional food store should be opened near residential areas. Traditional food stores can not complete the sale of fresh food, so it is necessary to work with other fresh food store to open together, otherwise there is a risk of being squeezed. However, traditional food stores and standard food stores, although there is a substitute but not strong.


so the traditional grocery store is not exclusive to the standard food store, but it turns out that the traditional food stores around supermarkets and warehouse stores have been hit and run.


2. standard food store on the site in addition to the traditional food store close to residential areas and large food to keep the distance to the city also has its own characteristics. Luxury residential areas can choose to open shop. Because of the high income of fresh food is supermarket, low-income people on fresh food is the price. Should be selected in the larger regional commercial street shop, site selection in the department store shopping center. These areas are the largest, the largest consumer demand.

3. large integrated food store is the main supermarket in the format, in terms of traffic conditions and the number of parking and large food stores have higher requirements. Such as parking area requirements and store area is at least 1:1 or can not meet the car into the family brought about by the parking spaces of the shopping space brought about by the requirements of the attraction. To avoid the same type of large food stores are very close to the vicious competition. The location of large supermarket must also consider the policy of site selection factors.

The location of

4. convenience food store is much larger than that of large food store. As long as there is a place where people can provide convenient shopping and services can be opened. In the convenience store location should also be based on their own development characteristics. Convenience store shop opened in the residential area do not insist, but must be open in a crowded place, in addition to the customer flow is in the first place, and is considering the need and convenience of customers to buy, and these characteristics in customer liquidity embodied more fully.


store address selection is related to the future business is good or bad, so should not be sloppy, if a good business can choose to address it for days after the bonanza has taken a key step.

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