Share the family management mode of fishing

enterprise is not willing to in the recruitment and receive two relatives or friends of the candidates, and sea fishing will act in a diametrically opposite way, sea fishing waiter many are being introduced here, this model is very fantastic.

Haidilao waiters are being introduced here: the villagers, friends, relatives and even family…… This recruitment in many people’s view is simply incredible.

Haidilao for employees rental house is all formal residential two or three rooms, and will be equipped with air conditioning; considering the distance too far will affect employee breaks, provisions from the small walk to a place not more than 20 minutes; and the person responsible for cleaning, washing sheets for employees; apartments are equipped with Internet computer; if the staff is husband and wife, is considered to separate room…… Light is the staff accommodation costs, a store will spend 500 thousand yuan a year.

add Haidilao staff turnover within the first three months will be relatively high, because business is good, really tired, three months to one year decreased, after a year of relatively stable, can do the store manager very stable.

Haidilao staff salary level in the industry is in the end on the side, but the promotion mechanism, perfect the layers of promotion, this is the most attractive to them. The vast majority of managers, including managers, managers are promoted from the inside. We will tell the new employees, as long as you do a good job, we will promote you, this is our commitment.

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