Shop business is very important to speak

speaking talk, this is not on the mouth skin touch such a simple thing, especially now society is so complex, if we can not grasp the speaking skills, to improve interpersonal relationships are difficult, not to mention or to do business. The first couple laid off, opened a supermarket in the county. Whether it is the old uncle aunt, or young workers, are willing to go to the supermarket shopping to oda. Asked why ODA replied: "to play well with customers, it is important to speak."

don’t say negative tone

ODA told me just when the supermarket opened, they have no experience. A customer to ask a certain commodity, she will say "no", so that customers will not hear this go away, let little feel very depressed. One day, no one in the supermarket, ODA is very boring, just get on the computer, saw an article promoting profit change the way you speak. From then on, first try to change their tone and manner.

encountered in the store did not want customers goods, do not have to answer the tone of the negative, but tactful and clever marketing with the price of goods. Did not expect, actually received an unexpected effect. ODA said: "the use of a negative answer will make the customer have a feeling of rejection, and certainly, tactful answer, make it easier to produce a sense of importance, customers are more likely to accept the recommendation of the goods."

will say praise

for customers in the supermarket, ODA will give praise and praise from different angles. Pretty customers, ODA will boast customer temperament good; on the age of the grandchildren to the supermarket took uncle aunt, she will admire the child, then he gave the child a lollipop or a piece of chocolate. The familiar female customer, she would say like "slim" or "more and more pretty.". Listen to the customer happy, more willing to patronize ODA store.

said more about the words of thanks

in business, ODA found buy groceries to their customers, the elderly accounted for fifty percent of middle-aged people accounted for thirty percent, the remaining twenty percent are young people. To this end, ODA and look for customers, especially in cold weather to elderly customers, remind them to wear more clothes, you’ll catch cold.

if you encounter a cold customers, she will tell people, drink plenty of water, rest, and even provide some small remedies. In this way, the customer will have a warm, intimate feeling, like your own home and ODA old girl so sweet. When the customer to buy things, she will promptly send thank you for coming, welcome to talk, so that customers feel intimate service.