Hubei science and technology system reform has made great achievements in innovation and Entrepreneu

The power of

technology and the power of innovation has greatly promoted the development of China’s economy in recent years. In order to further stimulate the vitality and promote the integration of scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship, Hubei to deepen the reform of science and technology, to achieve the desired results.

2015 years, science and Technology Department of Hubei province to fully implement the national and provincial major decisions and plans, focus on innovation driven development of the main line, continue to deepen the reform of science and technology, efforts to optimize the environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, and promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, science and technology enterprises development, construction, industrial technology innovation and the development of high-tech industry, high-tech platform area construction work, a strong impetus to the development of the integration of technology innovation and industry, results are obvious.

1. push forward the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, accelerate the release of innovative entrepreneurial vitality. On behalf of the provincial government issued the "Interim Measures to promote the transformation of universities, institutes of scientific and technological achievements" (hereinafter referred to as "science ten") and 5 supporting the implementation details of the disposal of assets and income distribution, scientific and technological achievements of the job system, organization and personnel management, business registration, tax law enforcement supervision, legal protection policy. To reform, optimization of scientific and technological achievements into environmental policy landing.

2015, the province achieved 1248 transfer of scientific and technological achievements. Among them, 49 major scientific and technological achievements in the province for the first time to achieve commercialization of transformation applications, access to venture capital investment 610 million yuan. The province registered a total of 1813 scientific and technological achievements, the registration of technical contracts of 20411, technical contract turnover reached 77 billion 46 million, an increase of 30.81%.

2. to accelerate the development of science and technology enterprises, improve innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. To organize the implementation of "science and technology enterprises and entrepreneurship training project", through the reform of science and technology platform construction funds, natural science foundation, major project funding allocation, guide funds, projects, personnel, platforms and other resources to the entrepreneurial line focus system optimization, innovation and entrepreneurship environment. The introduction of "on the development of the public record space to promote the implementation of public opinion" innovation vigorously, multi sectoral integration of human society, education, industry and commerce, taxation and other policies to support innovation and entrepreneurship resources, launched 34 policy initiatives, efforts to promote the "double" work.

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