Silly small meat stew join advantage jar

food and beverage industry is really competitive momentum is only increased, not reduced because of money, so we race to join. But it is not easy to get a foothold in the food and beverage market. Therefore, a good brand can help you less difficult. Silly second jar stewed meat and invite you to join us, to help you the way of expanding its territory.

has small jar stew meat can not only keep the original taste and easy to put the meat stew, braised meat is north of Ko Ni was a real Kung Fu dish, rotten meat, rich, large quantity, eating enjoyable, passionate dishes. Small jar stew meat very silly northern ethnic style hospitality.

The advantage of

to join Han small jar successful braised meat mainly has the following points:

The second is

1 foolish foolish

strict selection, demanding, free porridge, pickles, rice, plus free, tube full

2 has small Chou formula

century formula, learning ancient law, adhere to the most traditional cooking techniques, strict reduction of traditional taste

3 has small kind of Kung Fu

to simmer stew for 2 hours, 3 hours from the fire to tasty, fat but not greasy, taste mellow

has two jars strictly selected ingredients with meat quality of conscience, hundred years of ancient secret recipe, stewing, sweet but not greasy, low in fat, small jar foolish meat stew stew meat do Chinese good! Silly second stew meat standard jar secret recipe, strict production time to control a person easily make the most authentic foolish small stew meat, do thousands of stores a


has a small jar of braised meat, and you can get rich together the conscience of the brand, we look forward to your success. If you want to join, please leave a message below our website.

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