Jiangsu County Shuyang actively create the three platform to boost Entrepreneurship

whether women entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial groups or peasant entrepreneurship group and so on, are part of entrepreneurship in the group, double is the need to boost national entrepreneurship, therefore, Jiangsu County of Shuyang province and actively create "three platform" to boost national entrepreneurship.

modern agricultural management platform. The new business entities in the town to cultivate the farmer cooperatives, family farms, professional large agricultural enterprises, accelerate the transformation of agricultural development, the development of modern agriculture with high efficiency, good rural property transactions, promote rural property transfer open, fair, standardized operation, with the enthusiasm of farmers entrepreneurship.

in various provinces and cities to boost innovation and entrepreneurship need to fully take care of every business groups, so that it can really bring people’s entrepreneurial passion, carry out creative work thoroughly, Jiangsu province to support the comprehensive innovative work is awesome!



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