How rational analysis and perceptual ideas of entrepreneurship

young entrepreneurs of the "public entrepreneurship, innovation" has a certain understanding, after a year of management activities of baptism, the moment seems to usher in a winter of venture investment. Faced with such a situation, entrepreneurs should be how to understand?

respondents, 00 after accounting for 0.7%, 80 90 accounted for 28%, accounting for 46.8%, 70 after accounting for 17.2%, 60 and above accounted for 7.4%.

35.3% respondents want to start a business but suffer from no good idea

has been established for more than 7 months "ah delicious duck boiled salted duck brand founder Yuan Qicheng introduced himself and his girlfriend’s business just because love". Girlfriend is Nanjing people, love to eat salted duck, always take takeout. Occasionally, once a home to talk about the channel can supply salted duck, we together, I think this can be done".

in Chongqing to promote the wisdom of electric box Huang Yutong his entrepreneurial mind due to a work accident. "When I was at work, I happened to be exposed to it. Understand all aspects, I think this is a trend, the future development prospects. So quit the job, the product of the regional agent." Huang Yutong said he had been thinking about doing something, just hit this opportunity, you can try their ability.

data show that the concept of entrepreneurial innovation, 40.6% of the respondents believe that entrepreneurship is a good idea to put into practice, 22.4% of the respondents believe that entrepreneurship is the development of an innovative project, 21.3% of respondents believe that entrepreneurship is the start-up companies or enterprises, 12.2% of respondents believe that entrepreneurship is a part-time shop, while 1.4% of respondents believe that entrepreneurship as long as you can pull the wind.


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