How to shop in a pot of hot pot


of our country is a lot of delicacy snacks, which are all very spicy casserole is love, there are a lot of people want to do this small business, Malatang stores to the casserole shop rentals? Want to choose the casserole Malatang franchise investment, so, we must first choose a good shop location then, choose the location of rental shops aspects need to pay attention to what the problem?

pot shop spicy hot pot shop lease some of the details:

The lease contract of

1, Malatang: shop leasing agreement must have a written agreement, is also must sign a written lease contract and shop owners, unless you don’t want to do for a long time, otherwise you do not sign a contract on Business Flourishes after the landlord will give you mess with the rent, or even expel you instead, such what we see and hear too much, and the landlord to negotiate with the best experience in this area are peers, handle good everybody is very happy and will let you reduce the rent or give you some other benefits:

2, sublet Mala shop: some shops sublet because of poor management, the store may have previously used equipment management took over, the former boss will transfer these costs equivalent together in the transfer fee, encountered such a problem you want to see the equipment used is not suitable for Malatang business first, solution or take some rest, then rent and former principal negotiation.


does not solve the problem, solve the problem of the method is good or bad, can help others or try to help others, to know the former boss of most is lost will be leased out, we try to help for losers, handle the relationship between the maybe he will help you out in this things try to sign a written contract, after the first gentleman villain, just in case, some do not pay attention to the people in your today took over to get the tomorrow to take that, our students have encountered them, so in this to friends a reminder: anyway, better take over empty shop


3, Malatang rental shops should clearly tell the landlord for what business shop business, some landlords are not allowed to store business catering business, in order to prevent damage to the store environment and facilities, so the first consultation will clear after both sides reduce trouble, if you want to open a fast-food Malatang with charged that Malatang machine and the landlord must reflect the store line reorganization.


above is about how to correct this delicacy lease shop approach may still, there are many shortcomings, but I hope you can help, the original circuit of some shops is to bear large load Malatang machine, you must change the line, these will discuss the good and the landlord, cannot act recklessly otherwise, you belong to private housing damaged internal settings, is a violation of the rent agreement behavior, to be financial penalties

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