What is the name of the restaurant

first name has no way to attract consumers, but also to talk about having more loyal customers, so that the shop business is hot? In fact, the name of the hotel / restaurant as a man of the same name, behind the name of each person has a story, the name of each person represents a certain meaning, the name of the restaurant is the same, represents a kind of special significance, a lot of new restaurant or hotel people how to play a lively restaurant and the distinctive name and worry, actually the name of the restaurant is not particularly good, now a lot of people can not be completely in accordance with the pursuit of new, extraordinary and strange as naming standards, otherwise easily because of misunderstanding and the ridiculous!

restaurant / hotel named principle

restaurant name should have a sense of beauty

as the saying goes, live not to eat, not eat to eat. In addition to a number of very popular fast food, Jane meal, the name of the beautiful mood, is conducive to customer patronage and psychological satisfaction. Beijing and Shanghai are some beautiful restaurant name: "small bamboo Pavilion", "Jiangnan tea bar", "osmanthus floor", "Mountain girl bridge noodle", listen to the name, is not some heart?

restaurant name must be consistent with the target consumer psychology

casually cite a few examples, Chaoyang fishing port, a listen to the atmosphere, but also rich in seafood, it is suitable for Chinese dinner market positioning. "Beautiful Jiangnan", then the soft Wen Qi name must be a style is elegant, very exotic atmosphere, it is also a good choice. "Emperor cow hot pot", listen to the name to know is to do some of the feeling of the restaurant, and the grade should not low.

restaurant name should be simple and easy to remember, but also with the spread of power

Name of the

should be well much of the word, the word a lot, ears do not forget gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory. For example, "Sichuan" (featuring in Sichuan style restaurant), "fire soil (Shenzhen famous Japanese style Izakaya style fashion restaurant)" and "seven Pavilion" (seven boxes, cuisines across the seven schools). Nanjing has rich policy for catering enterprises named "luxury food" (International delicacy cafeteria) and "agreement", "Prince seafood soup pot", is the smooth realization of the trademark registration, and obtain customers and the praise of the market in business.

restaurant name must have a specific

is a different name. If the hotel is on the street by the boss’s name to name, such as what "Lao Li Hotel" or what is the "brothers Hotel", where customers can remember? Also, in the case of Nanjing, there are lobster, it is those who is not only a good product >

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