Unique pumpkin achievements of millions of rich life

four years earned three million, this rich experience is incredible for anyone, depending on the characteristics of pumpkin achieve wealth plan, the legend of Zhang Dachuan rich life believe that novice entrepreneurs who wanted to know a.

he took, the gold rush dream from Hebei rural South to Guangzhou, all with a pumpkin dream;

he carries the ideas along the way, a pumpkin top sold for 8000 yuan, 4 years to earn 3 million


2001 in April, in a friend who had a seed, he saw a strange little pumpkin. This small pumpkin is just new varieties introduced from abroad, peculiar shape, bright color, mainly to watch, because it is still new things, many people are afraid of planting and development risk are reluctant to purchase, but Zhang Dachuan was on the pumpkin to move the heart.

snapadoo, Zhang Dachuan for each seed company, to 1 yuan per grain price of the introduction of more than and 30 varieties, 50 thousand seeds, and a planting base in Guangdong Yangjiang, a sign of the 40 acres of pumpkin on behalf of a contract. However, in the week before picking the market, a sudden typhoon swept the planting base, has been completely destroyed the small pumpkin, Zhang Dachuan’s dream was completely shattered.

"sell good, certainly a lot of people to follow suit. We need to reduce the number of new varieties."

2002. Giant recommend

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