How to do a good job in the decoration design of snack bar

investment snack bar, how to do a good job of decoration design work? This is a modern consumer issues of concern. Consumers on the store decoration and other environmental requirements are getting higher and higher, franchisees should also attach importance to this phenomenon. If you shop in line with people’s aesthetic, and brand characteristics complement each other, will naturally attract a lot of franchisees.




Third, store decoration with the original style of the building and the surrounding shops face coordination. You know, there is no doubt important, but don’t let consumers feel neither fish nor fowl.

Fourth, be concise, not cumbersome, shop decoration should not be used too much line segmentation and color rendering, so customers produce visual fatigue. The color of the store should be unified and harmonious, should not adopt any blunt, strong contrast.

fifth, the sign of the font size should be appropriate, will make the sign is too crowded to undermine the overall layout, the substrate color to highlight the name.

in addition, for the customers to read the name, generally do not use cursive or foreign letters.

sixth, light boxes, bulletin boards, bulletin board outside the shop to comply with traffic regulations or urban management regulations. Traffic and urban construction. In addition, snack shops have a specific location, in the design of the snack bar, and only the type should snack with geographical advantages combined skillfully, the snack bar to the business in the future to gain the initiative, zhandexianji.

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