Page marking website analysis and data capture principle

[preface] there are many ways to analyze websites to get data. For example, use server log data, or install some monitoring software on the client. Page mark method, web site analysis, access to data in front of the two are not the same, but once born, on the "four", quickly become the mainstream method. In my, practically all of the topics are based on page notation. This article, with friends together again to understand what is the analysis page tag site, and we daily read Omniture Site Catalyst or Google Analytics site analysis of the data in the report, how is captured.

has less time to write blogs because he’s on a business trip. This is the article I wrote on the website is hard to analyze a removal of basic knowledge in the book. I hope this book will be available to you next year.


talking about data capture of website analysis, we should have a preliminary knowledge, that is, page mark method, website analysis and log method, the fundamental principle of website analysis is completely different. About the log law website analysis principle, please look at this post: the server log method, the website analysis principle and the merit and shortcoming. Earlier, a friend posted a message on micro-blog, saying that AWStats, Omniture, and WebTrends are all log analysis tools, but that Omniture uses the ASP approach, and they are not different. This view is a complete misunderstanding. In fact, the three tools are different. AWStats is a log analysis tool, free of charge. WebTrends was originally a purely log analysis tool, but later added the Page Tagging (page markup) feature. Omniture SiteCatalyst was born with Page Tagging as a tool, and so far, Omniture has no tools for log analysis.

so today, we’re talking about the Page Tagging website, which analyzes the principles of getting data. Let’s start with a game.

what is page notation


has everyone been playing Blizzard’s game StarCraft (StarCraft generation)? I’m a fan of this game. The queen has a special ability to a parasite (parasite) injection in the enemy a action unit of the body, so the action unit where he can be around the Zerg look crystal clear, become a very loyal spy.


, or everyone has been to the bank, the bank put in the camera everywhere, put us in one stroke

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