The sore of nternet Chinese search engine

core tip: webmaster Z weekly 26 exclusive articles, 1998-2008, is the Internet era, but also the era of Chinese search engines. From the first generation search to the fourth generation search. From Sohu to 3721 to Baidu. Is

in February 25, 1998, "go out looking for maps, Internet search for Sohu" such slogans echoed, when it was only the return of the small bourgeoisie playing with the Chinese internet. Pinch fingers, it has been ten years. That year, Zhang Zhaoyang won the "50 digital heroes in the world", "IT ten man of the year", "global leader of tomorrow" and many other reputations. That time, many returnees returned, including today’s Chinese search engine market share overlord, Baidu founder Robin Li.

network battle of the century — the life and Death Gate of Chinese search engine

mentioned Chinese search field, and had to mention Openfind search engine led by Professor Wu Sheng at GAIS University in Taiwan, and Skynet search engine developed by skynet. Openfind provides Chinese heyday of search engine at the same time as the three famous portal, Sina’s, YAHOO, but after 2000, the market has been carved up Baidu and Google. In June 2002, Openfind re released Beta version of the GAIS30 Project search engine based on Openfind, introduced the multi ranking (PolyRankTM), announced that the cumulative grab web 3 billion 500 million, began to enter the English search field, and then Chinese field say goodbye.

and Skynet is a national " 95 " key scientific and technological project " " English Chinese encoding information discovery and distributed; the research results, by the development of network and distributed system of university computer system, on October 29, 1997 officially provide services on CERNET. In early 2000, the new research group of Skynet search engine was set up. It was supported by the national 973 key basic research and development plan project fund, and utilized the advantages of educational network and had powerful ftp search function. Mainly for the education field, doomed and commercial missed.

A review of the

2000 -2005 period, we can see a lot of Name: Sohu for having heard it many times search, Sina search, search, search, 3721 NetEase, Baidu, YAHOO, Google, Polaris, search163 directory, GOYOYO search, ChinaRen search and so on Sun Wu space. And one of the most prominent, and there are 3721 search.

Zhou Hongyi’s "rogue software Godfather" is said to have originated in 3721. Zhou Hongyi Chinese for the Internet, is a milepost type character, the author read with a resume, to read such words: one of the main China rogue network software or plug-in the initiator of evil, the 70s middle-aged man, who would not think of.

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