Simple language to describe the grassroots webmaster heart Recruitment chess game

Adsense is really a change of their own life industry, compared to early contact typing, money, survey network, Witkey, feel the station is the most suitable for their own work rhythm, of course, the most reliable. Took the Jiashan personnel network from the hands of friends to now have 3 years, 3 years his large and small industry exchange in a lot from them also learned a lot to learn something on the web, such as network using new mode of cooperation, recruitment, this information must at least 1 years of development time saved for the novice friends, so share down is a summary of the past, to encourage a future, but also hope to help everyone.

most of the time people in the operation of their own ideas for restrictions in fact itself operating restrictions and fetters, and no additional conditions so much, personal feeling as long as they are able to retain users, and within a reasonable range so it is worth to try. But there must be a clear sentence, that is, we must not for money, for the sake of face, blind to seek some opportunities for development. For example, we first stress the high-end employment, and many times the webmaster can not fully consider the real needs of job seekers, just from their own profit demand considerations, which is divorced from the nature of recruitment. We need to provide more suitable job seekers, rather than create a tall feeling to attract investor attention now, so serious homogenization, how to establish a relationship between the viscosity is worth every one of us to think in the registered users and the site itself, but also the long-term development must pay attention to the problem. In addition, some friends in order to retain customers, pay attention to characteristics and deliberately to do some surface of the innovation, such as changing the page information presentation, for example in the web site to hang housing rental advertising and so on, a lot of friends mistakenly think that this is the war to prove their unique traditional mode. But is this the truth? Now the problem of online recruitment is that the information transfer is asymmetric, enterprises can not recruit people, and job seekers can not find the right companies. Such an embarrassing situation is entirely due to the fact that both sides can not maintain the real time and effective in the process of the recruitment of information. Then, even if it is innovative, it should also work on the "information transmission". There is a friend has changed the traditional pattern of recruitment, job seekers will information as detailed information on enterprise recruitment first emerged, the next step is to make the enterprise to choose a person, rather than job seekers according to their own information to find work, although only transform the initiative choice, but can give job seekers more freedom, of course, the traditional mode is still not abandoned, but the combination of the two, the effect is stronger than a lot.

‘s investment is not a small amount of money, and publicity is what we want to achieve. But the recruitment model is not as good as other types, through marketing, exposure, selling points can enhance performance, but recruitment marketing can only reach two results, first, increase exposure, and secondly, increase the exposure rate. Although this is a joke, but I want to express is that recruitment pays more attention to word of mouth

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