The advantages and disadvantages of Baidu stick model

I applied for a

account recently in Baidu, mainly to see Baidu Post Bar have functions that are relatively flashy, because Baidu Post Bar is one of Baidu’s most successful products, has great influence in the community, want to dig what makes Baidu Post Bar can get today’s pivotal position. It should be said that Baidu post bar represents the direction of another community development, and its model is worth learning.

Baidu paste bar, of course, has its advantages, but there are also shortcomings. Today I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Baidu post bar model.

advantages one, content in the direction of differentiation,

Baidu post bar content is very small, and this is a distinct difference from the traditional community. For example, an end of the "emotional world" section, in the Baidu post bar is divided into a number of sub plates. I was not sure on the content of the segmentation is a major trend of future development of Internet media, but from the current number of Internet industry segments, at least, segmentation still has certain benefits more targeted, more targeted groups. To a certain extent, it embodies the "long tail theory" of the internet".

advantages two, content rich and diverse


Post Bar has a custom theme function, this function may seem simple, but in reality no trivial matter, as a community and portals, rich and diverse content are the important conditions for the development of essential. Baidu’s custom theme has greatly improved the richness and variety of its content, which is less than the traditional community model. Baidu post bar through a variety of ways to embody the content of an orderly manner, it is an important reason to gather and maintain high popularity.

advantages three, to achieve good integration with search

needless to say this, the community search is a major theme of the search for future development, Qihoo is doing such a thing, but Baidu in search, the more obvious advantages in the embodiment of the future development of the Baidu and Post Bar. Although some portals and even Tianya provide search capabilities, but the equivalent of Baidu is significantly less than compared to many.

, but this does not mean that Baidu post bar is perfect, it should be said that Baidu post bar there are many inadequacies.

less than one, the interface is monotonous and inflexible, part of the function is not enough,

Baidu post bar is relatively simple, compared to the three major gateway community, it is a bit rough. First of all, compared to the community environment and the portal is gorgeous, Baidu Post Bar interface is rigid, and the post does not provide like portal community editing functions (such as font, size, color, uniformity, custom etc.) which affected users feel in a certain extent. Of course, do not rule out that some people think that this is relatively simple, relatively refreshing, will not dilute the subject, but seems to narrow the choice of many. It is suggested that Baidu can try to add these features and make them optional, just like blog templates, so you can >

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