Q O2O four flow of O2O mode really not worth it

said the word flow, the webmaster’s feeling, a few years ago but also by the massive PV put some advertising alliance can be tens of thousands of monthly income, but the arrival of the mobile Internet allows website profit predicament, only by the amount of earnings obviously does not apply to the now open hand machine is a variety of applications today, who will use the browser to access your site? The intelligent terminal so that the original is not the Internet people can easily access to the mobile Internet, the increase in the number of people use, forcing the BAT and other Internet giants including various businesses are consistent with the mobile Internet, while O2O mode because when the mobile Internet more and more hot, but a voice O2O the flow has fallen, is it true?

this is the fourth in the series, the first three articles were written, and closed loop entrance form of O2O, originally this article is to write the payment, in view of the recent industry generally in the O2O era flow mouthing, the author in this article to talk about relationship between flow and O2O flow, i.e. for the O2O mode if there is value, their words, inappropriate hope paizhuan.

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tries to define traffic as a whole,

Internet companies will have a team dedicated to engage in traffic, or to cooperate with others or engage in their own activities to engage in optimization for the Internet, no traffic is not enough, especially by the amount of advertising to attract profitable platform. The next line of business also need to flow, why would choose the community gathered in the shopping mall will place? Why endless activities? Why do the mall advertising big screen and on the bus? It is to more into the mall, the advertising to attract the majority of people are consumers and potential consumers.

I have said that the Internet is to copy all the offline mode, this sentence will not leave, because you can see the line to passenger line UV, line to line promotional activities to drainage, since the business since the birth of the flow is a quite important index has been. What is traffic? In the business point of view, the flow is able to produce consumer behavior crowd, but not all people in this group can consume, so there will be online UV and PV distinction.

we can see, no distinction between online and offline interpretation the author above in traffic, but the overall flow under a definition, so the flow is supposed to be divided into online and offline, traffic is always in the previous version of the One divides into two., now O2O because this model re confused. O2O traffic is not a simple line or into online traffic in and out, but each other online and offline traffic, in addition to the line flow and the two flow line, also wired with online interactive traffic between third, with each other and form a drainage cycle, this is the so-called closed loop.

Why does

want to sing traffic in the age of O2O?

mobile Internet era traffic dispersion. Sing bad >

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