Website promotion operation needs to have marketing thinking

marketing is the fundamental way to realize enterprise value. Through a series of means, it can achieve the purpose of enterprise product promotion and sales. In the actual operation of the site, we often because we can not find a good marketing ideas and distress. So, how can we have good marketing ideas, so that the site better growth and development,


system learning marketing basic knowledge

when we go to school, we often throw aside the knowledge of books, can not apply their knowledge, many people say that mathematics is enough to learn primary school. I want to say, all this idea just because you stand height is not high enough. Books, a large number of experts on the actual market behavior highly summarized, refining, can not apply their knowledge, can only say that your understanding is not thorough enough. To achieve customer satisfaction, create value for users and promote a good user experience, these solutions can be found in the answers and detailed marketing knowledge, if you haven’t read Philip · Kotler’s professional books, then take some time, on the site of operation and market operation benefit.


through a number of marketing casesWhen the

in the course of marketing, I learned a lot of cases, these cases are often not directly transplant ability, but to expand our marketing ideas but has a great advantage. Network promotion reference also have different approaches but equally satisfactory results, first contact with an industry, we need a lot of information consulting is rich in brain, which is like a chef in the cook must be accurate prepared plenty of food, so in the latter part of the work with more handy, ease.

learning industry top

has a concept in marketing that is called follower". You should have a clear positioning of their own, this is a competitive society, you need to determine their industry, clarify their position, and then lock the website of the industry’s top, become their users use regularly, they close attention. So you can get the first-hand experience of the consultation, in the experience of the process, must be carefully observed, and through their website comparison, you can find their own shortcomings and deficiencies, and thus to achieve the adjustment and self perfection. If there is any condition, it is better to pay more attention to foreign websites. China’s national conditions are copied. Many websites are inspired by foreign websites.)

pays attention to the latest information and keeps the brain fresh,

riding a boat behind. Want to have a good website marketing thinking, you must maintain the freshness of your mind. By releasing a lot of new things, you need to be in the forefront of the marketplace and society so that you can make your website so new that you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of it. Remember, in a marketing course several years ago, when a nearly 60 year old gentleman mentioned this in the course of teaching, "update the information on camp >"

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