The tomato garden event has a profound impact on personal websites

tomato garden incident is only one of Microsoft’s actions against piracy, only for individual users. I believe that in the days to come, Microsoft’s anti piracy tentacles will extend to enterprise users.

believes you’ll ask, "I’m an individual webmaster. What’s the matter with me?" yes, you’re an individual webmaster. But your website is on the server, but the server is in the computer room. If Microsoft’s next step on the domestic IDC computer room to check, I believe that the installation of windows server will basically be closed. If you don’t shut down, buy Microsoft’s proprietary operating system and database software. Do you know how much the genuine operating system, +sql server, is based on ZOL’s latest product?. The windows 2003 Server Standard Edition is 8000. The SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition is 30000. That’s 30 thousand. No mistake. This is the standard version of the price, the enterprise version of 240 thousand?.


attached ZOL quote address

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, that is, each server. The cost of Microsoft’s copyright will be as high as 38000. Our webmaster, hard to do a year stand, is not enough to feed the current Microsoft! Website, using the ASP system, at least to account for over 50% of the total number of sites. Using PHP systems, the operating system also has 50%, using windows+apache. The next step for Microsoft to take action on idc. I believe it is much worse than the previous "IDC disconnection", "


, then everyone will understand why the foreign space is PHP? Why are the foreign source download stations PHP code? Why is the asp space so expensive abroad?


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