Talking about the reasons why a lot of websites have stayed at No 29 recently

more recent snapshot site stays at No. 29, this is every webmaster forum almost all questions, so various answers followed, the most "classic" is Baidu database error. For such problems, we do not study, I think the most important thing is to find the reasons from their own. Personally, I think the general situation of such problems is:

first: the site itself is not high weight, less external links, and do not adhere to update

second: the website often changes, such as changing the title description, keyword, etc., or in a short time to do a lot of links

third: friendship link implicated, this may appear less, take my company’s one-stop, brand Review Network:

site weight itself is OK, because my large number of link snapshot appeared in number 29, so when 30 is not moving, this should be a special case. Solve such problems, individuals feel that, first, or to adhere to the content update, do not Baidu does not snapshot, that Baidu does not come to patronize, in fact, Baidu has been concerned about you,

second adhere to do links, maybe snapshot is not new, not good change links. But I think every webmaster BBS has to provide AD spider area platform, such as A5, so adhere to the hair chain, increase the reverse link is actually good.

so, anyway, the webmaster don’t lose heart, insisted that victory, let’s take a look at this Wednesday Thursday update whether there will be a miracle! 10 minutes to write the article, writing is no excuse


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