Must do accounts don’t make a blind Daoye e commerce before

is now a lot of people, especially the grassroots webmaster, see acquisition station downturn, saw the rise of electronic commerce, have pure network defection, start network profitter. Look at each station network, said in the profiteers benefits, experience the profiteer.

of course, if you have already poured into a month of tens of thousands, naturally do not see this article.

because I am sure this article is useful, I dare to put the source in the middle address: Thank you,

here, I’d like to say a few points:

1 and the relation between input and output.

personal website, investment can be said to be very small, 1 pieces of domain name + dozens of blocks of space, that is the site’s full investment, and did not put their own labor into the count. There may be someone who wants to shoot bricks, saying that it takes only half an hour an hour a day, how much you can count, and how much you can do. There’s nothing wrong with that, but very little is done in every man’s mind, what he does, and what he can reasonably do. This little hour, has occupied a position like in your mind, or even a large position, so you always thinking, always want to see the traffic statistics, always want to see if people submit the order, always think of the right place a AD.

on this point, I want to say is that if you do each month a profiteer, hundreds of thousands of the best look at the following.

2, the core competitiveness of products.

e-commerce, fundamentally speaking, is to broaden the sales channels, said a big point that difficult to sell things is not so difficult to sell, but never hard to sell things sold in the traditional network. Some people may say that the new, strange, and special products, such as traditional channels to sell a new patent product difficult to sell, cheap, fast publicity on the network after selling. But even so, after the publicity, the network sold, as traditional as good sell. It’s not easy for you to call this time difference, and where do you get such a product?

Most of the

in some common Daoye reselling, friends are a thing, this thing in the end there is no competitiveness? We have to think about it, if only because of supply, and the goods itself, without any or more competitive, or consider.

3, profit and sales issues.

we all know the basic principles of business, small profits, low prices, relatively large sales, profits, especially the total price, sales are relatively small. Here you need to look at the specific situation of each person, for example, you are unemployed at home, then engaged in the former will be good. If you are busy all day long, you must choose three years not to open or open for three years.

here to experience, such as himself, once bought a USB virtual oscilloscope, so I learn this, and my university "

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