Personal views on the promotion of soft text

as a newly graduated student, it is important to give yourself a precise orientation. As far as I am concerned, it has been a year since I joined the job. I was confused by the time when I graduated, and now I have experienced a painful process.

our new website on the line after the first big problem we face is the promotion, is everyone in some way over basic is: forums, QQ information group, some blog propaganda and so on, there is a big problem is: as long as your posts are believed to contain the contents of advertisements will be ruthless to delete, maybe a lot of people and I had the same confusion: now the network promotion is no way to go


recently I was trying a new approach is "soft Wen promotion", in fact, that is new for me, maybe a lot of people have already become the industry’s master, the first time my work is just to write some feelings like small articles, said to have some feel shy. Even that was in charge of you on this level, these are also some of my small sum, the earlier work no way, feeling that something is cut, and chaotic, in any case is someone love to see!

after a period of testing, I found that I did not have, don’t expect anyone to reprint my article, is someone to look good, I decided to "repent in desperation"!

read some related soft introduction, I decided to re do their job positioning:

we first analyze the Guli LAN diamond positioning. Our target customers are some fixed income people, age should be between 25 to 45 years old, it is said to buy the diamond, love people may lower age limit should be mentioned at the age of 20, it is the beauty, makeup, dress the age of love, and it is like jewelry, slimming these things may be, to attract their attention.

with this idea I think there is a direction, the original written text now seemed to discredit "soft," two words, that is purely personal feelings with some small, only pay attention to the expression of some of the contents of the article, even the most basic keyword didn’t appear, we Guli LAN keywords diamond network positioning in the diamond ring, diamond ring, wedding ring, if there is no such words in your article, this article could help to popularize? Write emotional articles is also the key is how to and no ground for blame, linked to your


in addition, now I think writing soft text should be slightly diluted. For we Guli LAN diamond, write soft article is nothing more than to increase our target customers for our diamonds with a degree of concern, in fact, we can get the purpose of desalination, really need something from the target customers with the most common parlance "think they are thinking, anxious.

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